Starting GIMP for the first time — a first view

When you will work with Gimp you can start it in Pisi Linux from the Menu >Graphics>Gimp (Gnu Image Manipulation Program)

Gimp is at the most Distribution installed by Default, when not, so as in Pisi Linux open your Package Manager and install it.

Or you can compile it the source code is available here:

The first Start from Gimp you see a Splash Screen


gimp-splash screen


Gimp starts complete in Pisi Linux in a single-window-mode, but you can choose a mode with separate Windows




the best work for me is the single-window




First of all it should be remembered that GIMP’s interface is extremely flexible. You can add and remove windows from it as you like. The areas marked in green as Dock attach strip are places where different windows can attach and merge with each other (we will try this below). The default setup is pretty reasonable, but we will tweak it a bit later to be even more convenient.

But now let us see what we have here:


single-window-mode gimp-first-overview



A complete Introducing about the first Steps with Gimp become you here: Beginning-with-gimp-starting-tutorial-for-new-users