Make a Icon from a Image

Hi to all today we make a simple Icon from a Image

At the first start Gimp.

Go to File>Open and open your Image from what you will make a Icon

To take the Image as in the Screenshot here i have found it with Google click here


Now make in the Box at the right site, a click with the right Mouse Button and choose “Add Alpha Channel”

Now grab the Fuzzy Select Tool and remove the Background, the Fuzzy Select Tool is that Tool with a icon like Harry Potter’s Magic wand


when you are ready now and you see a rest from the Background take the Eraser Tool to remove it but before go to Select>None and click on it.

Your result should now look so as here in the Screenshot:



When that was so “good job” and we go further, when not nothing is happen you can go back after a mistake, go to Edit>Undo and click there you can go step by step back solong that the mistake is gone and you do it again, or you begin at the start.

Now we resize the Image go to Image>Canvas Size and make your settings there


Normally has a icon a size from 256×256 px, i have make it a bit bigger in the screenshot. Make sure that you have for the icon the same Numbers in the Height and Width. Don’t forget not the X and Y Offset as needed, to become the Image on the right place you can go with your Mouse in the preview Screen ad grab it and place it right.

After it go to Layer>Layer to Image Size and click on it to scale the Alpha Layer

Now you can Colorize your Icon to give it a better look.


For that go to Colors>Colorize it must not but it could be that you will do it.


Now you can sharpen your Image a bit, go to Filters>Enhance>Sharpen it open a Dialog Box and make there your settings




Now you are ready to save it when you mean your Image is too big you can scale it now again, i have tell you that i have make it 325×325 px, now i scale it to the right size.


Now you can save the Icon, but note click not on save, you must click now File “Export as” when you click now on save Gimp save it in the .xcf Format you have save then your work but not the Icon.

Export it in a Folder what you like, forgot not the Name for the Icon, and now it comes you can it export in the Format what you want. You must not go to the bottom and search write the Name for your File and at the end .png or .jpeg or .ico or .bmp and so further, Gimp makes after your writing the right ending when you save anything.


And here my Result from this Tutorial




Many thanks for reading, try it and much fun.

And as ever, the work with Gimp is simple and easy to do it.