Gimp make a background transparent from a Image

You have a Icon or a other Image and will remove the Background from it no Problem when you following these steps here:

Choose your Image:

  1. Open Gimp
  2. Go to the Menu File>Open and choose your Image


Prepare the Image and remove the Background

  1.  Go to Menu>Layer>Transparency>Add Alpha Channel, to add a Alpha Channel to your Image
  2.  Click now in the Toolbox the Fuzzy Select Tool
  3. Now click with the Fuzzy Select Tool on your Image, and press the DEL Key on your Keyboard, the Background should now be removed, it could be with any Images that you must choose any other Regions on your Image with the Fuzzy Select Tool when the Background not remove at the first Time.
  4. Go to Select>None and click on it




Save Image or remove any ink residues

  1. Now you are ready and you could save your Image, oh just a moment you see a rest from the Background a color is not gone complete, no Problem.
  2. Click on the Eraser Tool and choose a Brush with the Size what you need for it, remove with the Eraser Tool the paint or colour pixels so that you have a clean transparency Background.
  3. Now go to File and Save or Export your Image. When you Export it as png look that you have a hook at ” Save color values from transparent pixels


Have fun to try it, and as all times Gimp work is not so hard as you mean it