Gimp- Create on a Wallpaper a frosted Glass Text

Hello to all here the first little Gimp Tutorial for Pisi Linux

The work with Gimp is not so hard as you mean it, for the first we begin with a little Tutorial and make on a Wallpaper a frosted Glass Text.


At the first open Gimp. Menu>Graphics>Gimp




At the first create a File go in Gimp to File>New> you see this screen:


Fill in the Image Size what you want as example 1920x1080px


After it go to File>Open as Layer and choose your Image


The Image doesn’t fit the canvas, so we scale it up or down, click on resize and set a hook on Keep Aspect Ratio


Play a bit with the position from your Image, select the Move Tool



from the Toolbox and place the image so as you like it

After it go to Layer>Layer to Image Size, that crops out any parts that’s outside the canvas.


Now you can delete the Background Layer, select the  Background and click on the trash icon in the corner

Create now a new transparency Layer and name it Base:



Select now the Rectangle Tool from the Toolbox. Drag it across the width of the canvas, the vertical high is up to you.



When you are done fill your selection with the color white, take the Paint Bucket Tool and set white as your FG Color.


After it go to Select>None to dismiss your Selection. After it go to Layer Autocrop Layer and click on it.


Now grab the Position Tool and select Center and Middle, make sure it’s aligned to first Item.


Now we are creating the Effect, duplicate the Image Layer and bring it to the Top



At the duplicate Layer click on Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur tune the Effect so as you like it.


As Tip: You can Hit CTRL/ command F to repeat the Blur Effect, if it is not strong enough.


Now make a right click on the Base Layer and choose Alpha to Selection


Switch now to the duplicate from your Image and from the Menu Select>Invert



Hit now Backspace on your Keyboard


Dismiss now your Selection


Now drag it beneath to your Base Layer switch to the Base Layer and adjust it’s Opacity. Play with the Opacity so that you like it.


Now select the Text Tool from the Toolbox, choose your Font and the Font Size and click in the canvas and type your Text.




After it go to Layer>Autocrop Layer, this converts it in a regular Layer.


Click on the Position Tool and again on middle and center.


And now choose again Alpha to Selection on your Text Layer, uncheck Layer visibility

you see now marching Ants which indicates the boundaries of the Selection.


Select your Base Layer and choose Edit>Clear, then select your Image duplicate and again Edit>Clear


Great now dismiss your Selection with Select>None



All that left is to add a Drop Shadow now, click Alpha to Selection on your Duplicate Layer, and create a new Layer beneath it and Name it Shadow.



Now click on the Bucket Tool, Black as FG Color, and fill the selection “click in the marching Ants


Dismiss your Selection and go to Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur and give it a good radius around 100px.


When the Shadow is to strong, adjust it with the Opacity


Now go to the Base Layer right click on it and adding a Layer Mask with the base Settings


Select then the Blend Tool, with the  Gradient preset FG to Transparent


When you are ready, click on the Layer Mask thumbnail once, and prepare stroke gradient from the bottom to the middle of the Image.


Perfect it gives a lovely color variation of the frost effect itself


Right click now on the Base Layer and choose Apply Layer Mask



Now you are ready and you have a frosted Glass Text on your Image, try it it is not hard to learn the work with Gimp.


This original Tutorial was created from Desmond Gimped and you can watch it as Video on YouTube