Create a simple Background with the Ellipse Tool in Gimp

Hi to all

Today we will use the Ellipse Tool in Gimp to create a simple Wallpaper

At the first create a new File

Go to File>New and create the Size what you want.

ellipse tool

I set the x/y Resolution all Time to 300,000 it gives better images.

After it you use the Gradient Tool, you see it on the Image above it is highlighted choose there a color what you want, go with the mouse to the bottom of the image search there the middle from the Image hold the left Mouse Button press the CTRL key on your Keyboard ( with a pressed CTRL key you become straight lines) then go to the Top of the Image and release the mouse button and the Keyboard button you see now your Gradient Color on the Image.

When you are ready create a New Layer.


Give the Layer the Number 1.

After it set your Foreground Color on white, and grab the Ellipse Tool on the right site and set it so as you see it in the following screenshot.


When you are ready, press Enter you see at the end from the Ellipse marching Ants, grab now your Gradient Tool set it the Color what you like and go with the Gradient Tool from the right site where you see the marching Ants search there the middle of the eclipse and go to the middle on the left side. When you have done it, set the Mode to Grain merge and the Opacity on 70 or 80 what you like.

Now create a new Layer and Name it Layer 2.

Make the same, grab the Ellipse Tool and place it before the other set the Mode and Opacity as in the Description above


Now duplicate the Layer with the number 1, rename it ( make a right click on the copied Layer and go to Layer Attributes and Name it Layer 3 and move it up above Layer 2, then rotate the Layer 90° counter clockwise (Layer>Transform>90°counter Clockwise) after it place the Layer as seen in the next Screenshot.


When you now are ready, duplicate the Layer 1 again and Name it Layer 4, and move it above Layer 3 rotate this Layer 90°clockwise and place it so as you see on the next Screenshot.


Now duplicate the Layer 1 again name it Layer 5 move it above Layer 4, rotate it 90°counter clockwise and place it so as you see in the lsat Screenshot.


When all has work ok, you have now a ready Wallpaper you can modify it a bit and put a Logo or a Text on it or create something with the Brushes in Gimp. There are no limits to your imagination.

Here my result from the work with Gimp


I wish you much fun to try this little Tutorial, and many good results.

And as ever, the work with Gimp is not hard, it is easy come and try it.