Create a Ghost in a Image with Gimp

Hi to all

Halloween is near, and today i will let you see how you can create a Ghost in a Image.

To the first you need 2 Images, the first as your Background where you will place your Ghost, and as second the Ghost. You can download any Images from the Internet, but note the Copyright from the Images so as i have write it before in Create a simple Facebook Header

Now when you have the Images let us begin now.

At the first start Gimp.

The go to File>Open and open your Background, next step File>Open and open your Ghost Image, you must now have open 2 Tabs in Gimp.

Now click on the Tab with the Ghost, have the Image a Background make a right click on the Layer and add a “Alpha Channel” take the Eraser Tool and remove the Background so that you only have your Ghost with a Transparency Background.You dont have to be perfect, you can erase over the edge of the person, it really doesnt matter. But make sure it still looks good., i use here a Image from my Cousin and me we are on that Image 10 Years old.



Here the result after delete the Background



When you’re done, click the Smudge tool and smudge around the edges.




Now copy your Ghost Image Edit>Copy Visible, Create a new Layer at your Background Image When your Background Image is a kind of light, and not dark enough, get the Brush Tool, set the Opacity to 50% and make the Brush big and just go over the background. Now can you paste your Ghost Image in your Background Image. Don’t close your “Ghost” picture, just in case you mess up or something. Make a right click on your pasted Ghost Layer and click on “To new Layer. So now you have two layers when you have three Layers remove the empty one, the Background and the Ghost.




I have move the Ghost Image in a darker corner from the Background Image


Now make sure that you be on the Ghost Layer and go to Colors>Components>Channel Mixer.

Leave all the so as they set by default.But make sure that the “Monochrome” box is checked, and hit OK. And you should become the same result as i have it here:




Set your Ghost Layer Mode now to “Hard Light” and the Opacity to 60%



Now add a Layer mask to your Ghost Layer, right click on the Layer>Add Layer Mask and click OK.



Then grab the Brush Tool, set the Opacity to 50% and go with the Brush over the Ghost. Now you are ready and you have create a Ghost in a Image. But one you can do, where you have set your Ghost Layer to Hard Light you can set a other mode try it out. And here is my result:




Have much fun to try this Tutorial, and many thanks for reading.

And as ever, the work with Gimp is simple and easy try it now.