Create a 2.0 Text Logo with Gimp

Hi to all, today we will create a Text Logo with Gimp and we learn “How to create a Layer Mask and add the Text Logo Reflection on it”, “Using the Ellipse Tool to create a Glassy Effect” and as last “Using the Grow Selection to create smooth outlines / borders.

Before we start you need a special Gradient Pack for your work, you can download it here:  Pre-made web 2 Gradient pack

When you have download it, open your File Manager, make hidden Files visible, and go to the Folder “gimp-2.8” click on it


and search the folder with the Name “gradients”


go in this Folder and place there you’re extracted downloaded Files. Note: Only the files not the complete extract Folder each file has a Name and end with .ggr.




So now let us start to make our Text Logo.

Now Open a new Image with the Size 420 x 300 px, and choose the Text Tool, and a Font what you like, and write a Word or more, as example for my work with Linux i use the Word Linux and Name the Image “Main Text” after in the layer dialog tick the “lock alpha channel”.


after in the layer dialog tick the “lock alpha channel”



When you are ready you can set the text with the “Align Tool” to the middle and the center so it looks better



Now we use the “Web 2.0 ” Gradient, select the Blend Tool give in the search line your Color Name what you like and go with the Blend Tool from the Top of the Text to the bottom it should now look so as in the Screenshot.



When you’re not going complete to the bottom you have a bit more white color then, play with it so as you like it.

We are creating now smoothing Outlines, it takes a bit to figure out the right one, at the first on make a right click on the “Main Text” Layer and choose “Alpha to Selection, also as you see here the Layer on the right site with the Name “LInux, then go to Select>Grow select for the growing there 3 px.




Now create a new Layer, name it “Border” and fill in the color 293a47 with the Bucket Tool,place this Layer when you are ready behind the Text Layer also behind the Layer with the Name Linux”



Now you should seen this result:



Now we will create the reflection, duplicate now the Main Text and the Border Layer, Move the layer on top of the “Main text” layer by.

Do the same for the for The “Main text” layer and move it ontop of the “border Copy” layer




Now Merge the two new duplicated layers by right clicking on on the “Linux#1” layer and in the menu click on “Merge Down” now Rename the layer to “Reflection”



Before we move the reflection into position Deselect any selected layer by going to Select>None

Using the “Move Tool” place the the new duplicated text logo image below the original text logo, Grab the “Flip tool” make sure it’s on Vertical mode, then drag upwards to finally flip it.




Right click on the “Reflection” layer and in the menu click on “Add Layer Mask” and select “Black Full Transparency” now click Add.




Grab the Blend tool and select the “FG to BG (RGB)” Gradient and apply it to the reflection from bottom to top.

It should now look so as here:



Now we make at the finish a glass effect with the Ellipse Tool

Grab the “Ellipse Select Tool”, make sure it is on “Subtract mode”




Now that you have the “Ellipse Selection” Tool Right click on the “Main Text” Layer, and in the menu click on “Alpha to Selection” then drag across the lower bottom part of the “Main text” logo and hit Enter, now in the layer dialog click on “Create new layer” and name it “Glassy effect”.



to finish it off Grab the the “Bucket fill tool” and apply a “White” color to the highlighted selection.This is the final step  go to the Layer dialog and slide the opacity to 30.5.

and you can now export your result.


Have fun to try it out, and many thanks for reading


And to the last as ever, the work with Gimp is easy, try it.