Pisi Linux 2.0 KDE 5 presentation [Video]

What is KDE ?

Running on Linux and UNIX-based systems, standards compliant, free and Graphical User Interface and is the most popular desktop environments.
It appears compatible with each other and the acting community applications.
Is an application development environment and infrastructure.
It is written with the Qt library
– An object-oriented programming language Qt
– Qt has a dual license (GPL and commercial)

KDE Libraries – LGPL
KDE applications – GPL, BSD or similar
At last KDE5

Important Features:

Traditional Desktop Environment
High Adjustability
High Integration
Integrated Web and File Manager
Transparent Network Layer (Kio)
Advanced Audio Server (Arts)
Print Subsystem
KDE provides support for 79 languages at the moment.
KDE has been your best organized in the world has been the one of translation studies.
Pictures, sounds, locale, messages … ‘s all been translated.

Currently it includes in KDE 110 367 Total posts.
the translation done by volunteers is provided by Quality Assurance project leaders.
KDE includes every tool necessary to do the translation site.

Note: You watch at a Pisi Linux Development version

Have fun with watching the Video and trying with Pisi Linux