Run Pisi Linux 2.0 with KDE 5 with minimal system resources

Hi to all

Today I want to clean up with the prejudice that Pisi Linux 2.0 with KDE 5 needs a lot of system resources ( RAM )

You can do anything that you need lower RAM resources.

I will tell you here in simple steps what you can doing for it:

After install Pisi Linux 2.0 and update it, make some settings as i tell you here, and you can see your RAM goes down with the resources.

  1. Go to Menu>Settings>System Settings>Startup and Shutdown>Background Service

Remove the hooks there what you not need. I have remove the following:

  • Applications menus daemon ( Transfers application’s Menu to the Desktop )
  • Bluetooth ( Handles Bluetooth events ) “I have no Bluetooth devices”
  • Free Space Notifier (  Warns when running out of Space on your Home Folder ) ” I take all Time a look at the notice in Dolphin”
  • KSysguard ( Launches KSysguard on CTRL+Esc ) ” I prefer to launch KSysguard from Menu>System
  • Network Proxy Configuration ( Automatic Proxy Configuration ) ” I have no Proxy Connection here, also i switch it off “
  • Search Folder Updater ( Allows automatic updates of Search Folder ) ” I need it not, it makes the work with Pisi Linux faster for me without it”
  • Touchpad ( Enables or disables touchpad ) “I switch it on when i work with a touchpad, it must not run the complete Time”
  • Write Daemon ( Watch for messages from local users sent with write (1) or wall (1)





That was from me all where i have remove the hooks at the Startup Service.

2. Go now to Menu>Settings>System Settings>Search>File Search

When you not need it, remove the hook from “Enable File Search” it gives you more speed with your Pisi Linux work and safe RAM too.



3.Go now to Menu>Settings>System Settings>Displays and Monitors>Compositor

When you not need it, remove the hook from “Enable compositor on startup” I don’t like wobbling Windows or other, when you switch it off it gives you a bit more RAM and your Windows in Pisi Linux 2.0 start’s faster.



4. To check now off the file indexing is switch off take a look in the baloofilerc

Open Dolphin>Make hidden files visible>go to the folder .config >and open the baloofilerc with an Editor

at the top of the file you should see this Indexing-Enabled=false, see you there true write false, that helps and you need for it no Admin rights, when you are ready forgot not to save it.




As the last step you can check the akonadirc

Open Dolphin>Make hidden files visible>go to the folder .config >open the folder akonadi >and open the akonadiserverrc with an Editor

at the bottom you should see there this line “StartServer=false” when it write true there, so write there false.



When you make after all these Settings a reboot, and take a look after the reboot on your System Monitor (KSysguard), you see you have save a lot of RAM.

And your Pisi Linux 2.0 runs faster, you can make these settings on all other Distro’s with KDE 5, it helps a lot.


Many thanks for reading this little Tip’s and try Pisi Linux 2.0 you will not regret it.