Plasma Theme Explorer and Cuttlefish in Pisi Linux 2.0


When you have try Pisi Linux 2.0 with KDE5/Plasma5, and you have take a look on the Menu, have you seen under the Category Development 2 new entry’s.

The Plasma Theme Explorer and Cuttlefish both new in KDE5 and and they belong to the plasma-sdk package.

Here the complete tools from the Plasma-SDK package in a overview:

  • plasmate: lightweight IDE for plasmoids (experimental port to KF5, work in progress)
  • plasmoidviewer: useful to test a single plasmoid, in different formfactors (like desktop, panel, and so on)
  • plasmaengineexplorer: test and debug tool for dataengines.
  • cuttlefish: tool for exploring icon themes
  • plasmathemeexplorer: tool used to explore Plasma themes, let’s talk about this one.

The Plasma Theme Explorer

Is new in KDE5 and is target for Designers from Plasma. You can installed theme’s open and preview it as a grid of thumbnails of the actual elements rendered.
The thumbnails all have a green or a red dot in it. The ones with a green dot mean that the theme directly provides that element, red means the theme doesn’t have it, so it will fallback to the default theme (currently Breeze). The right sidebar shows a bigger preview, of the element from the theme.

When you click on the edit button, it will open the SVG  of the theme with Inkscape, and will run a little sanitizing script on the file after Inkscape is closed.
If the theme doesn’t provide the particular element (and we have a red dot in the thumbnail) the corresponding file from Breeze will be copied in your theme folder, and that one will then be opened in Inkscape, its making the job of completing a theme  much easier and more faster.



Cuttlefish is new in KDE5 and is a Icon Picker.

This small  tool is to list, pick and preview icons. It tries to follow the way we render icons in Plasma UIs as close as possible, in order to make the previews as realistic as possible.

One of the things I’ve been sorely missing when doing UI design and development was a good way to preview icons. The icon picker which is shipped with KDE Frameworks is quite nice, but for development purposes it lacks a couple of handy features that allow previewing and picking icons based on how they’re rendered.

You can view the Icons with Categories, you can make the preview bigger, you can copy the Icon Name to the Clipboard, or you copy the the QTQuick Code to the Clipboard.

This was a Example of a QTQuick Code

/* Don’t forget to import…

import org.kde.plasma.core 2.0 as PlasmaCore


PlasmaCore.IconItem {

source: “preferences-desktop-online-accounts”

Layout.preferredWidth: units.iconSizes.medium

Layout.preferredHeight: units.iconSizes.medium



You can found Plasmoid Tutorials on the Blog from David Edmundson here the Links for you:

Plasmoid Tutorial 1:

Plasmoid Tutorial 2 – Getting Data:

Plasmoid Tutorial 3 – Blending In:

Any QML Documents can you found here:


Animated Image:…e.html#details


And a Book about QT5 can you found here:

Qml Book:

You can download the Book in PDF in ePub or in QtHelp form, and it is free.


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