Pisi Linux problems after install from Updates or Software?

Did you have update your Pisi Linux System or have install some Software, and you have now Problems with it, it works not correct or other Problems?

No Problem, with the Pisi Linux System you can go back with the History command.

Information: Pisi makes as the most Package Managers a History, so can you see what you have installed as last.
Open a Terminal and write:

 pisi history  

and you see after it this output as example:




Here can you  see what you have installed with Pisi. When you will go back press the Letter q for quiet.
Now when you will undo your last changes, you must type in the Terminal with Admin rights:

sudo pisi history -t and the number, you see the number after the word “Operation”such as here in the image above “Operation #44”.

You see in the history:



also you need this Number for the History command such as here:

 sudo pisi history -t42  

The Update was number 43 also must you take the number 42
Type each Time a number before you have make a update or install a package, you see each time the Description in the History what you have done.

When you have make update before, most Time when you become System Packages, then is it recommended to make a reboot from Pisi Linux it must not at all packages but it is much better.