KDE 5 Desktop and Dolphin settings in Pisi Linux 2.0

Mouse actions

Plasma 5 allows you to configure some desktop actions. If you had a multi-button mouse and/or a joystick, you can use the variety of special buttons for all kinds of activities. This is quite useful if you like to automate your work, and you’re fond of keyboard shortcuts, gestures, and yes, special mouse clicks functions.



Dolphin Preferences

The default file manager has also been revamped. It’s always been quite useful, and like many KDE programs, it comes with a rich repertoire of options, tweaks and extensions. If you want to change how it behaves, there are several useful options available. For instance, the default start location. Very convenient.



Network connection editor

Plasma 5 does come with a very simple network manager, and it’s easier to use than ever before. However, editing network connection is a little more complicated. For an active connection, you should click the little control panel slash settings icon on the right side. This will open the connection editor, allowing you to tweak the options. For instance, to change the Wireless key or if you want to auto-connect to the access point, or maybe restrict the usage to certain people.



Trash auto cleanup

Most people have to bother themselves with emptying the trash can now and then. Plasma 5 comes with an automated mechanism for cleanup. Once again, we’re discussing aquatic mammals. You can setup the program to delete files exceeding a certain age, limit the trash size, and then take an automated action when the threshold is reached.