Install the Flash Player for Firefox in Pisi Linux 1.2

Download the Flash Player from the Adobe download Page

Note: Choose the tar.gz for other Linux then click on “Download now” click in the kdialog save after download is ready close you Browser.

In the Terminal window, change to the directory where you saved the file you downloaded (e.g. cd /home/user/Downloads) write instead user your name.

Extract from the file you downloaded with the command tar -zxvf install_flash_player_”version”_linux.”processor”.tar.gz.

also for the new Flash Player at the moment: tar -zxvf install_flash_player_11_linux.x86_64.tar.gz

copy the extracted file,, to your Firefox installation directory’s plugins sub-directory. For Pisi Linux 1.2, is the Folder installed in /home/usename/.mozilla/plugins, use the command cp home/usename/.mozilla/plugins.

That was all you need no Admin rights for it