Install Bumblebee in Pisi Linux 1.2 and 2.0

What is Bumblebee?

Bumblebee is a effort to make Nvidia Optimus enabled laptops work in GNU/Linux systems. Such feature involves two graphics cards with two different power consumption profiles plugged in a layered way sharing a single framebuffer.


For more Informations about Bumblebee take a look at the Bumblebee FAQ

For troubleshooting take a look here Troubleshooting

For the Installation

An eventually switcher in the BIOS  for the GPUs must be set to “switchable”. Before the installation starts, has a possibly existing xorg.conf in / etc / X11 / are removed; bumblebee uses its own xorg.conf.nvidia in / etc / bumblebee /.

Install Bumblebee in Pisi Linux:

  1. Install system.devel packages


 sudo pisi install -c system.devel  

2. Build libbsd and install it


 sudo pisi build && sudo pisi install libsd*.pisi  

3. Build fltk and install it


 sudo pisi build && sudo pisi install fltk*.pisi  

4. Build virtualgl and install it


 sudo pisi build && sudo pisi install virtualgl*.pisi  

Now you must build the Nvidia Driver for it, did you use Pisi Linux 1.2 you need the Package module-nvidia-current-p12


 sudo pisi build && sudo pisi install *nvidia*.pisi  

Did you use Pisi Linux 2.0 you must use the package module-nvidia-current-p20


  sudo pisi build && sudo pisi install *nvidia*.pisi  

Now build and install the Primus Package


  sudo pisi build && sudo pisi install primus*.pisi  

Build and install now the nvidia-settings


  sudo pisi build && sudo pisi install nvidia-settings*.pisi  

Some various  packages for installing


  sudo pisi install mesa-demos mesa-demos-32bit mesa-utils module-bbswitch     

You found in Pisi Linux 2.0 mesa-demos mesa-demos-32bit mesa-utils  in the contrib Repos, you can add the contrib repo in Pisi linux 2.0 or you can build it with


  sudo pisi bi  

module-bbswitch  found you in Pisi Linux 2.0 in the core Repository you can build it with:  


Now reboot your Pisi Linux system after reboot you can try it with the following commands:

optirun glxinfo
optirun glxgears
optirun glxspheres

primusrun glxinfo
primusrun glxgears
primusrun glxspheres

By typing primusrun or optirun before the command, you can run the program with your Nvidia card.

The original Introducing is written by narcisse and you found it here: narcisse at pisilinux playground

Many thanks to narcisse for this introducing