Testing Packages for Pisi Linux 2.0

You can found here Pisi Linux 2.0 packages and you can test it.

I share here new Software  build as  Pisi Packages for testing or you can build it self, so as you like it.

When i write, build it self then can you create the package when you click in the GitHub on the pspec.xml in the right corner on Raw



after it copy the address from the address line in your Browser




open a Terminal and write


sudo pisi bi and the address from the address line

as example:

sudo pisi bi https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pisilinux/playground/master/groni/Pisi%202.0%20packages/multimedia/miam-player/pspec.xml

the start Pisi the package building, when it ask for install any dependencies type y for yes


Feedback to me was very welcome


Happy testing