Pisi Linux Download Links


Here the Download Links from Pisi Linux 1. series


Pisi Linux 1.0 rcv2



Pisi Linux 1.0

Pisi Linux 1.0 with KDE

Pisi Linux 1.0 with LXDE

Pisi Linux 1.0 with XFCE

Pisi Linux 1.0 minimal ISO



Pisi Linux 1.1

Pisi Linux 1.1 with KDE



Pisi Linux 1.2 developer version



Pisi Linux 1.2




Here all Download Links from Pisi Linux 2.0:


Pisi Linux-2.0-Alpha3-KDE5-Essai-x86_64.iso

Pisi Linux-2.0-Alpha4-KDE5-Izmit-x86_64.iso

Pisi Linux-2.0-Alpha5-KDE5-KaraKedi-x86_64.iso



Pisi-2.0-Beta-Crocus Ancyrensis–KDE5-x86_64.iso

The most Questions are “Could you tell me how to upgrade from Pisi Linux 1.2 to Pisi Linux 2.0”

The answer is very simple: There are many major differences between 1.2 and 2.0.  The only way is to do a fresh install.

The differences between KDE 4 (Pisi Linux 1.series) and KDE 5 / Plasma 5 (Pisi Linux 2.0 are very large.

You have in KDE 4 the kde4libs they are not in KDE 5 as example, and so goes it further a lot of Dependencies and libs from KDE 4 are not in KDE 5

You can read this article and see what is new in KDE 5  http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/08/kde-plasma-5-for-those-linux-users-undecided-on-the-kernels-future/1/

The best Way is a new install from Pisi Linux 2.0 Alfa7

Have fun to do it