Contribute to Pisi Linux 2.0

Hi to all

We need as all Time Helpers for Pisi Linux in the Future
please send a little mail to ayhanyalcinsoy or to me and tell us what you will doing and how you will contributing Pisi Linux
this is very important for the Future of Pisi Linux

You can write it in tr to me it is no problem but we need it and better today as tomorrow

Everyone can doing a little bit for Pisi Linux writing, translating publish or other things
when you not can build packages it is no Problem we have for each Helper work it is not a joke.
Our device is to bring Pisi Linux further and let it not die.
Also to all here help Pisi Linux to live further, one more people can do a little bit, but with much more People we can do great things for Pisi Linux
and great things are better. We need from you  idea’s and suggestion for the future will be notice from me and we will see what we can do.
Also to all here we need. Translators , Artworkers, Packagers, Wiki Writers, People for Testing, Documentation Writers, People for publishing News on social Media (google+, Twitter, Facebook etc.)
It was nice when we have a few People who make little Videos from Installation, work with Pisi Linux and more.

All helpers are very Welcome, and you work with a very friendly Team also contact us.

contact us to or contact me or


When you contact us, please wirte a little bit about yourself (who you are, and what you will doing for Pisi Linux), all E-Mails becomes Answer from us.
was great when we become a lot more helpers
i wish you a nice Day
.. _areas-to-contribute-Pisi-Linux:

Areas to Contribute Pisi Linux

In this section, we’ll briefly cover the different areas to contribute.
The Guides for Development, Packaging, Testing, Bug Reporting Documentation and for Graphical Design and Multimedia are under constructions the Links comes later.


If you want to a developer you must first look

Software Development

You can contribute your knowledge and labour on developing new softwares for Pisi Linux or improving already written ones. For archiving this purpose, you should be familiar with different Pardus technologies like COMAR, PiSi, Mudur, Kaptan to understand how things work in Pardus Linux.


If you’re interested in preparing PiSi packages, but don’t have much experience yet, you can read the Pisi Linux Packaging Guide to get involved in the packaging process.

For contributor applications:


Our project will have a test team in order to test the new releases of Pisi Linux and also test packages which will go to the stable repositories.

.. For detail information

For contributor applications:
Bug reporting and triaging

Pisi Linux bug reports are tracked in GitHub. You can examine bugs to determine whether or not they have enough information and feedback to be worked on and assign a priority/component/product to them as soon as possible.

To know that the very same bug exists in other distributions might help us to produce a proper solution. If the problem is solved -or never existed- in another distribution, reaching a solution will be faster by examining the work that the particular distribution did for that software.

In order to help triaging bugs, you have to be able to find them.
Our bug tracking system can be reached via Just create an account and you’ll be immediately able to report new bugs and write comments to the existing bug reports. You don’t need an account for browsing current bug reports.

Pisi Linux is translated into 14 languages: English, Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Croatian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Polish and Portuguese (Brazil). Translation to other languages is on-going. The Translations need Updates also work on it.

The goal of the localization team is to bring everything around Pisi Linux closer to local communities (countries and languages). Usually this involves doing translations of Pisi Linux tools, websites and documentations and improving their quality.

A collaborative meeting point for Pisi Linux translators is the Transifex area you can altimes step in and help for Translate

More information and statistics can be found in Pisi Linux translation project’s Website
More details about Pisi Linux Translations


You can support the documentation of the ongoing projects and different development content. Along with the end user documents, you can also prepare *HOWTO* documents for the users/contributors that have newly joined the project.

The wiki’ and
for Pisi Linux is a nice place to start helping for the documentation.

You can also enlarge the content of this developer web page Currently, only people with an Pisi Linux GitHub account have write permissions to the content.

Graphical Design and Multimedia

If you are talented in this domain, you can help with the topics which require graphics knowledge, such as the icon sets, font types and colour themes. Feel free to ask for help us via e-mail lists when you need visual materials to use for you’re Work.