Pisi CLI Operations ( other operations)

Note: For any commands here need you Admin rights then type sudo pisi and command


Rebuilding PiSi Database

rebuild-db command is used in order to rebuild pisi package database.

 pisi rebuild-db  


Deleting Files in Cache

delete-cache command is used in order to delete files( packages, source codes etc.) stored in cache.

 pisi delete-cache  


Searching Files

search-file command with file-name parameter is used in order to find which package does a file belong to.

 pisi search-file /path/file  


Getting Package Relations

graph command with package-name parameter is used for getting package relations via graphviz.

 pisi graph package-name  


Removing Locks

clean command is used in order to delete outdated locks.

 pisi clean  


Displaying history

history command displays the history of installations/deinstallations/updates of packages.

 pisi history  


Restore with History

When a update breaks some packages you can restore each Time your Pisi Linux System

 pisi history -t and the last history number  


Getting Help

help command is used in order to get help about pisi-cli.

 pisi help  

help command with command-name parameter can be used for getting help about a specific command.

pisi help command-name