Pisi Linux New Beta version

Pisi GNU / Linux, is a fork of the pisi-based Pardus and last updated and continue to be developed. New 2.0 Beta 2 version , the name Pisilinux2.0-Beta2-30-AUGUST-KDE5-UEFI-LIVE-x86_64 code is now available for you!

So what are waiting for you in the 2.0 Beta 2 version?

* A lot of the Programs such as Pisi, Çomar , Kaptan and so on, are updating and available for you.

* The programs for Pisi are transition in python3 and pyqt5. It has been made it more stable.

* A New and updated theme with nice look for Pisi Linux are available.

* Pisi GNU / Linux has a new installer:Calamares The Calamares Installer
has the following for you;

– Live (live set) offers support. You can now try Pisi Linux without install it on your USB memory, or to install it on your hard disk, you can have an overview about the structure and functioning.
– Uefi support. Thanks to the success of UEFI. With Pisi Linux you can install now your GPT disks. You can speed up to opening your computer, and you can easily access your other operating system.
* The Welcome Pisi Linux application is a newcomer to the Pisi Linux family, and integrating in Kaptan.
To configure Pisi Linux is more convenient.

Kde5 is a stable manner with the first wide benefits;
– Kde5 will provide you with a true desktop experience.
– Contains the programs and processes on your system without the need for additional software tools through the system will be able to easily fulfill.
– Thanks to its flexible structure Kde5 will offer you the freedom to design the way that you want, to view your desktop so as you like it.
– Pisi Linux, QT4 / KDE4 and older technologies have been abandoned altogether. Now Pisi Linux is more stable, safer, faster and more elegant.
Information about the new Version:
Qt: 5.6.0
Kde Plasma: 5.7.2
Kde Frameworks: 5.24.0
Kernel 4.7.2
Chromium: 52.0.2743.116
Gimp: 2.8.16
SM Player: 15.11.0
qBittorrent 3.3.1
inkscape: 0.91
You can download it here  https://sourceforge.net/projects/pisilinux/files/beta/Pisilinux2.0-Beta2-30-AUGUST-KDE5-UEFI-LIVE-x86_64.iso/download