Change a Graphic Card under Linux!

Hi to all

A friend called me, he has buy a new Graphic Card a AMD Sapphire R5 230 passive and he want it now like to include in his computer.

He used ROSA Desktop Fresh R8 as Linux System installed from me.

And now he need my help with remove and install the Graphic Driver before he has a Nvidia Graphic Card a Geforce GT 210

So i take my Bike and drive to him, i say to him no Problem to switch the Graphic Card you work with Linux.

So i have remove the Nvidia Driver from the System, after the removing from the Nvidia Driver i check the xorg.conf

but it was removed too. So i make a reboot from his System to check how it starts now, no problems the System starts pretty good.

So we shut down the Computer, and remove the old Graphic Card and replace it with the new one. As i have replace it he ask me “Did you have make a Backup from the System, you must install Rosa new after replace the Graphic Card!”.

So i say to him ” No worries my Friend, i have replace the Card now, and i start now your System, looks what happened now”

So i have start his System and he looks over my shoulder, and was quite surprised  as he see that his System  get started.

After the start i have check all again and have check with Video from that i have place on a USB-Stick it was a 1080p HD Video, and it gave no Problems to play this Video with the free Driver.

But he would have the Proprietary Driver so i have Install it, with the System Tool from Rosa and make again a reboot.

After it i check all again, and it works fantastic, he was so surprised that all was so simple and easy with Linux.

“Remove old Drivers place a New Card and all works so as before, without a new install from the system, and you have take for that all a half Hour.

It was amazing how simple the work with Linux was”, that was his Answer to me.

My respect and a big Thank you to all the Linux Developers  and to Linus Torvalds for 25 Years Linux.

You see the work with Linux is simple and easy, you have a good System, to work with it.

And a please to all Linux User when you found a bug in your Distribution, please report it, all Developers need reportings from Bugs that they could remove the Bugs.

And be friendly  to new Linux User in a Forum, i know that any Questions ask more than on Time, but give each Time a friendly Answer. It does not hurt  anyone to have a friendly Word for each one other.

With these Words i close my first report, thank you for reading it, and a lot of Fun with your Linux System.