My own Linux experience

Hi my Name is  groni

The most visitors on this Webpage know who i am, for all those who know it not.

I’m one of the Members from the Pisi Linux Team, i work since 3 years with and for Pisi Linux. My english is not the best ( Grammar and spelling errors are much in my Tutorials) but my Mother’s tongue is German, i have learn English for 30 years in the school. I use no Google Translator or other Translators, i write it each Time so as i have learned it in the school.


You found at the next pages here my own experiences about Linux. I like it to work with Linux each Day, and i have here in my Country 40 Peoples who become help from me with the Linux work. They have installed Linux on their Computers and are newbies, and need from Time to Time a bit help.

So after 9 Years working with Linux i help this People now, and my help to this People is as Open Source free, i take no Money for my work.

A cup of Coffee and when the work is finish a friendly Thank you is enough for me. My work is free and Open Source, thought of Linux and my thought.

When i work not for Pisi Linux i work in my Garden.

You can found me and Pisi Linux on the Following Pages




So enough about me, thank you for your interest on my Page and on Pisi Linux.