Work with the KDE Menu Editor in Pisi Linux

You have download a program and you will add a new Menu entry in You KDE Menu to do it is very simple

When you have download a binary program that work out-of-the-box ( it means you must not compile or install something ) do the following:

The best way is create a separate Folder for it in your Home Directory name it as example ( bin or what you like ) and place your Software there ( Note: place the complete folder there ).

After it you can create a Menu Entry for It:

Make a right click on your Menu Symbol in the panel.




click on “Edit Applications…”

it opened now the Menu Editor


Now choose your Category ( i make now a Entry for Aptana Studio ) it is a Web Development IDE so i create a Entry in Development

click on Development ( or what your program is, you can open when you click at the little arrow ) to highlight it.


after it click above on ” New Item” it open a separate Window write in it the Name of your program



after it click on “OK



You see immediately that the Menu Editor has Create a Entry and it was highlight and you must make Settings at the right side.


Now can you make your entries at the right side:

Description: Write here a little Description about your program ( you can copy it most times from the original Webpage )

Comment: Write here a comment about your program ( You found it on the Webpages to or write your own comment here.

Command: Here must you place the starter for your program ( click on the “Browse Button ) it open your Home folder and you can search the path for the starter ( example: /home/groni/bin/Aptana_Studio_3/AptanaStudio3 the starter is always the executable file  )

Now as last can you create a symbol or icon for your program.

click on the big Button at the end between Name and Description.





It opens a new Window and begins to search.


you see now all system icons “click on the point other icons” and  click on the browse Button and search the icon in your program Folder it was a .xpm or a .png or what ever


Now you are ready and it looks so:





you can make special settings at the Advanced tab, you can create there a Work path, run in Terminal with special Terminal Options and run as different user and you can make a shortcut entry here.


Forget not to save it ( you see a Window with “Updating System Configuration” )  and after it you have a Menu Entry for your program. The KDE Menu Editor has now create a Desktop File for you, you found it in your Home Folder:

Make hidden files visible then search the folder .local/share/applications there found you a, your program.desktop file, you know i have create a entry for Aptana Studio in Pisi Linux 2.0



Also KDE Menu Editor has create it automatically and the .desktop file looks so:

and so works the KDE Menu Editor in all Linux Systems who use KDE, no matter whether it is KDE4 or KDE5