Install Haroopad markdown enabled document processor as .deb in Pisi Linux with a simple Way

What is Haroopad?

is a markdown enabled document processor for creating web-friendly documents.

You can author professional-looking documents of various formats: blog posts, slides, presentations, reports, email and more.

Haroopad gives you the same editing experience regardless of the platform you are working on. It runs on all three major operating systems—Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Visit the Webpage from Haroopad:




Now when you will Install it you have only a .deb package make it very simple. This introducing works for Pisi Linux 2.0, Fedora, Rosa and much more.

  1. Download the tarball from the official website: Haroopad Download
  2. Run the following commands:

$ tar -zxvf haroopad-vx.x.x_amd64.tar.gz  Note: Replace the x with the versions number from Haroopad

$ tar -zxvf data.tar.gz

$ sudo cp -r ./usr /

$ tar zxf control.tar.gz

$ chmod 755 postinst

$ sudo ./postinst

After it check the .desktop file it should look so as here:

$ sudo vi /usr/share/applications/Haroopad.desktop Note:You can use all editors for it, with KDE you can open krunner with ALT+F2 and give in kdesu kwrite(or kate or something else) /usr/share/applications/Haroopad.desktop.


[Desktop Entry]
Comment=The Next Document processor based on Markdown

After it copy the icons from Haroopad with

$ sudo cp -rf usr/share/icons/hicolor/ /usr/share/icons/hicolor

After it you could not start it you must set a new link for with following command

$ sudo ln -sf /lib/ /lib/

this is the link for in Pisi Linux 2.0 for other linking you must look in the Root Folder from your System where you found it

in Pisi Linux you can search with pisi sf you become then this output from pisi:

groni@groni_pisi_linux2 ~ $ pisi sf
Searching for
Package eudev-32bit has file /lib32/
Package eudev-32bit has file /lib32/
Package eudev has file /lib/
Package eudev has file /lib/
groni@groni_pisi_linux2 ~ $

Vi commands in Haroopad
If you use Vim a lot them you might like that Haroopad has a Vim Mode, to activate it check it in the ‘View’ menu, or you if want to use as default mode, then select the option ‘Vim Key Bindings’ in ‘File->Preferences->Editor’ menu.


So can you install much .deb packages what not is available for your System