Forgoten Password in Linux System

Hi to all

Today has called me a Friend, he told me that he has forgot his Password and could not Login in his Linux System.

So i say to him put your Laptop in your Car and drive to me i can help you.

After a short Time he arrived my Home i give the Laptop energy and take a look at the Login Screen, all works but each password what he has noticed works not.

So i have take Parted-Magic ( i have it on a USB-Stick ready ), and start the Laptop with it.

I have open the File Browser there, and have mount the root partition from his system, i go to the file etc/passwd and open it with a Text Editor

i search his Name ( you see this line )

groni:x:1000:100:Stefan Gronewold:/home/groni:/bin/bash

i remove the x between the Username and the Number 1000, so as you can see in the example line.

groni::1000:100:Stefan Gronewold:/home/groni:/bin/bash

I saved the File and after a reboot, he could login without a asking for a  password.


As information again:

Start a Live-System ( CD,DVD or from USB-Stick)

then go to /etc/passwd open the File with a Text Editor ( Nano or something else )

search this Line


remove the x

username::1000:100:User Name:/home/username:/bin/bash

save the File and make a reboot, after it click on your Name and you login at your System.

This solution works for the most Linux Distribution, the System from my Friend was Linux Mint 18

As ever thanks for reading, and i hope this little solution helps you.

Edit: Forget not to set a new password after login with passwd username