Listen Radio from the Terminal with Mplayer or Pyradio

You can enjoy listening to radio from the Terminal. To listen Music with Web browsers #YouTube # SoundCloud (Flash, HTML5) and listening to music can exhaust computer (even if it is 5 MB treasured for Informatics Specialists)

I recommend for you two running applications for listen radio from the Terminal.

1. Software: Mplayer


Mplayer Source Package


Mplayer Installation:

I chose to install from the source installation to support the entire system.

Extract the archive files that you download, go to your console,  Compile with entering the following commands respectively.

/ Configure
./configure --enable-gui
sudo make install

After installing;

MPlayer http: // radio is: 9944

‘Radio Rap Brasil’ I gave the example of the radio url. It will end up writing on a site belonging to all radio stations.


2. Software: PYRADIO



Python had a radio application.
Install and use the system primarily Mplayer and Python must be installed.

PYRADIO ‘you can  download the application for all desktops, unzip it into a directory, remove the skin.
And give this command, to set up.

python install

In the console run:


If you want to add permissions before writing the data;

sudo chmod -R 777 / usr / lib / python2 .7 / site-packages / pyradio-0 .5.2-py2.7.egg / pyradio / stations .csv

and finally open the file with a text editor who you have installed  on your computer to help:

catenin / usr / lib / python2 .7 / site-packages / pyradio-0 .5.2-py2.7.egg / pyradio / stations .csv

You can add the station that you want.

Note :
For IP address on the radio station here ( can look. (The search box to switch this Turkish Turkish radio IP / PORT Get the number of IP can learn as well.)

The original Introducing is written in turkish Language and available here:

Many thanks to Sami Babat