KDE5 3D-powered desktop effects in Pisi Linux 2.0

KDE’s 3D-powered desktop effects can add lots of candy to your desktop experience, which is not necessary and it is the decision of the user of he need it or not. However, among the many eye-candy effects several are outright practical in every day use on the desktop.

One such example is KDE’s ability to use a different task switcher that binds to ALT+TAB:

  • Press ALT+F2, type task swicher and hit Enter.
  • In the dialog that opens, select the cover switch effect in the drop down.
  • Save the settings and press ALT+TAB.

Note: that you must enable the Compositor in System Settings > Display and Monitor > Compositor.

Set a hook on “Enable at Startup” as see in the Image


In this Video see you a short Demonstration about it, with the Pisi Linux 2.0 KDE5 Desktop