Create a Circle with a Light Effect in Gimp

Hi to all

Today we create a circle with a Light Effect with Gimp, you need no much knowledge for Gimp to do this, follow only this Tutorial.

Start Gimp from your Menu now

Create a new Image File>New for the start we begin with a little one Size: 800×600 px



Fill this Background Image with the Bucket Tool with Black Color.




Now create a new Layer and name it “Circle 1 “


After that select the layer and using the Ellipse Select tool, create a circle in the middle of the canvas set a “Hook” at the Aspect Ratio so as you see it here:






Now set a radial gradient for the circle. Select blend tool and choose white color as our foreground. At blend tool option choose FG to transparent gradient. Tick the reverse box. Set the offset to 40 and Radial for the shape.



Now apply your Gradient:





After that duplicate the layer two times and  named it as layer circle 2 and cirle 3.



Now we will start to playing with the circle. Select layer circle 2. Move a bit to the top and to the left.

And the same with Layer 3 but move this to the right site and to the Top, now duplicate the Layer Circle 3, name it Circle 4 again place it again to the left

and the same with Layer circle 4 name it LAyer Circle 5 and move it to the right site. Your result should look so as this here.



We have now 5 Circle Layers set now for all 5 Layers the mode to Screen.




Okay, the next step is duplicate layer circle 5,i will named it as layer circle 6. Move it to to the top and to the left and set the Layer Mode to Overlay.

Now duplicate the layer circle 6 two times and move it to the right.

So now we have 8 layer circle. Create now a new layer and named it as gradient.



Select now your Blend tool. Use a Gradient with the Color what  you like ,  set the Opacity to 100 and  the shape to Linear.


After it set the Mode for the Gradient Layer to Overlay. I have have use a Rainbow Gradient for more Colors



Next duplicate the gradient layer.Drop the layer opacity down to 60%




Now create another gradient layer and named it as reverse gradient because i will reverse the gradient color.



After you are ready set the Layer Mode to Overlay




Now we will add  some light to the circle.

Click now on your Gradient Layer. Now go to Filters>Light and Shadow>Lighting Effects.

Set it so as you see it here in the Screenshot, and take a look at the Preview you can drag there with your Mouse the Blue Point to set the Light on the right place.

After it go to your Gradient Opacity Layer click on Filter>Re-Show Lightning effects, click on Light 2 and ok

an the same to your Gradient Reverse Layer click on Light 3 and ok

Now you are finished  and your Circle with Light Effect is ready, forget not to Export it or Save it as .xcf to work later on it, here now my result




Have a lot of Fun by trying this Tutorial, many thanks for reading.


And as ever, the Work with Gimp is simple and easy try it now.