How to add Brushes, Patterns or more in Gimp

Hello to all

Today for the Gimp Beginners of you i will let you see how you can add Brushes in Gimp.

When you will need for a Tutorial or other new Brushes in Gimp you can install it simple and easy.

Search with your Web Browser your Brushes what you will have and download it.

After extract it when it was packed and copy it.

Now go to your Home Folder and make hidden Files visible. there found you a Folder .gimp-2.8

Go in this Folder and you found a lot of other Folders




you see a folder named brushes go in this and place your Brush in it, after it start Gimp and you can work with it.


Have you open Gimp and you add in the hidden Folder a new Brush must you click at the reload Button.

You found it at the right corner from Gimp



so can you add a lot of Brushes, Patterns, Gradients or other, but note do not overload it, Gimp starts very slow when you add to much.

The simplest and best way is create a Folder in your Home Directory, name it Gimp Brushes and add it in Gimp do it as here seen:


Create a Folder Gimp Brushes copy in this Folder your Brushes




Then open Gimp go to Edit>Preferences>Folders>Brushes and your Folder there as seen in the Screenshots:







After it you see it in the last Screenshot, you must restart Gimp to accept the Folder.


Have fun to try it, thank you for reading


And as ever the work with Gimp is simple and easy try it now