Application Dashboard is available on Pisi Linux 2.0.

A new full screen launcher, called ‘Application Dashboard’, is also available in Pisi Linux 2.0-ALFA5-KARA-KEDI.

Note: It is only available when you have update Pisi Linux 2.0 with the new plasma packages version 5.4.1.

This full-screen dash offers the same features as the traditional Application Menu but with “sophisticated scaling to screen size and full spatial keyboard navigation”.

The new Plasma Application Dashboard helps you quickly find applications, sift through files and contacts based on your previous activity.

It’s interface is an example of what it means for a graphical interface to not get in your way, while putting every aspect of its features within easy reach. The interface is made up of three vertical columns. To the right are the application categories, while the middle column shows entries in the application categories, which are revealed on mouseover. The column to the left is for your favorite applications, and includes the power options.


                                                                   This image shows the same interface with the All Applications category in focus.


and this particular image shows the entries in the Internet application category.


                                                From the context menu, you can add applications from the launcher to the desktop, panel and to the favorites column.


                                                                                                The search feature works as expected.


Adding the Application Dashboard to the panel involves the same procedure as adding any other widget. Just search for “application launcher”. Double-click to add it.


The Images and the Text to the Images comes from


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